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Fortuity & Opps

Commercial Fabrication Services:

Turbo-Flanges combines fabrication software and equipment to allow us to satisfy the fabrication needs of our customers and partners in this ever changing industry. Our experience and customer support and service gained over the past 10 years in has been incremental and an integral part of our current success.

Miscellaneous Fabrication & Services:

We specialize in fabrication of complex parts made of aluminum, alloy, stainless steel metals. Maybe you want the ability to co-brand or private label your products through us. We have the capabilities to fabricate other metal materials in house with added finishes such as e-coating, powder coating, zinc plating and others (coatings sometimes may require the help of our friends in the industry).

Recreational vehicle parts:

Our experienced team can provide complete fabrication and polishing of custom made parts after market parts. Quantity minimums may be required.

Automotive Industry Fabrication:

We have the experience, manufacturing capabilities and equipment to start and finish production of any type of after market auto parts, truck parts and custom parts on a mass basis. Our fabrication of automotive components for the auto industry all takes place in house. We are able to provide design assistance, fabricate a prototype and continue long-term production of high quality special metal products.

Aftermarket Parts Currently Fabricating:

Currently we fabricate flanges for the Auto Industry including v-band flanges, turbine inlet & outlet flanges, head flanges, down pipe flanges, weld fittings and more. Over the years we have had many challenges but managed make it through.

If you need to outsource your metal fabrication and production we can pick up the slack or tackle the entire long term project with you and create the end product you desire.

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